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that weezer song.
21 January 2007 @ 10:10 pm
Wanna hear a sad story?
a few days ago i was working with a fourth grader and we were talking about .. for some reason.. oranges. Anyway, we were talking and she said that she loves eating vegetables and fruit because her dream job is to become a supermodel. She said she stays away from all candy because it's bad for her and she'll get fat.
How sad is that? Oh well. I complimented her a lot after that and told her she didn't need to be skinny like her pencil to be pretty.

Um anyway, went to philly yesterday with jenell and her mom to hang out with Louise and her boyfriend Paul. It was nice to see Louise again considering the last time I saw her I tortured her with my friends at the time. I hope this more relaxed trip made up for it.

Here are some pictures :)

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Paul enjoying a philly cheesesteak

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Us in a very windy philly.. look how pretty louise's eyes look!

A few weeks ago, Jenell and I went to sing Kareoke in west chester. Here are some wonderful youtube clips from the expierence.
Jenell singing "Shadowboxer", I wanted to get "Ain't No Other Man" (she killed it!) but there were too many people there at the time
Eavvon and Dan singing, "Not Gonna Get Us"... eavvon didn't know the words, but it's dan's favorite song.
Lisa and i singing "Celebrity Skin" and getting heckled by Eavvon.. the song cut off then :(

Also, the other night, Jenell had another show! She did amazingly and wow-ed many.

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And here is the video to accompany THAT
Jenell singing the fan favorite, "For You (lucky charms)"

So that's all the multimedia I am sharing today :)

ps: you can see more pictures at my picture-a-day-blog, in case you missed it before, Here.

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that weezer song.
01 January 2006 @ 06:47 pm
Holla peeps and shit like that!

So yesterday was the final day of 2005. Yup! Since Jenell was dying and all, we had a very low-key night.

First we went to TGI Friday and Jenell made our waiter malfunction when she asked him for french fries instead of vegetables and broccoli. Then I made him malfunction when I asked him for a new straw for my drink since Jenell contaminated it with sickness. Poor Robot. But it was crazy, "Wake Up" by Hilary Duff came on and as soon as the chorus came on, everyone threw down whatever they had and got up and did a big coreographed dance. It was like a freaking Broadway play! It was so fun! After it was over though, our waiter, who just so happened to be the one most into it, malfunctioned yet again. Someone needs to get him a new battery or something.

Put afterwards, we got home and we opened the champange and we had big ass glasses to pour them in. For serious! After that glass, I used my mini alcoholic bottles to have some screw drivers and jenell finished her champange ontop of her medication. Wonder if that was a good idea? ;)

But we said, "get out 2005" and when it was 2006, a star fell from the sky and landed right in the living room and Gizmo ate it. Crazy!

SOOOO that was my new years. Let's recap 2005 - Collapse )

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that weezer song.
28 September 2005 @ 04:35 pm

tomorrow I go to see the faint.
Friday I go to see Ashlee Simpson.
Saturday I go see Gogol Bordello.

is that not the strangest list of consecutive shows? I think ashlee simpson is what throws off the mix.

ANYWAY, so yesterday Jenell, Matt and I went into Philly to buy Nada Surf, Gogol Bordello, Metric and the Faint.

HOWEVER: this all went to hell. The TLA was closed so we couldn't get Nada Surf or Gogol. AND I really didn't desire a trip to the Troc, so the Faint was also nixed. HOWEVER!! Metric surpassed the odds and we got those bitches!

But it was fun, anyway. We went to the South Street Diner and Matt couldn't stop passing gas EVER. When we got back, we stopped at the radio station so I could steal the non-curse version of Kanye's new CD. EW RIGHT?! Right. Oh well, the poorman's option I guess.

But hey, nothing, and I mean nothing, could compare to the excitement and adventure of...

PENNSYLVANIA RENNISSANCE FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Collapse )

that was some update.
ps - why is that mood theme picture "Creative"?
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that weezer song.
11 September 2005 @ 06:39 pm
Leave a comment on this entry before next Sunday, and the author will add another dollar to his total Red Cross donation. Spread the word!

thanks to clumsygyrl for the link.
that weezer song.
i wish i could but i can't because people like to make fun of my dead cat anonymously...

and that is sad.


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for sure.
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01 December 2004 @ 06:48 pm
Oh nothing.. just rockin out to jpop.

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that weezer song.
27 October 2004 @ 10:18 am
it's almost november 2nd..

go watch this.

that weezer song.
10 July 2004 @ 01:37 pm
Given two singers...

Pierre of Simple Plan and Jordan of New Found Glory

which makes you wish you were deaf more?

seriously, comment and tell me which one you think is worse.

hell we're leavin this one public.
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that weezer song.
12 November 2003 @ 10:32 pm
check it!!


it's uh HYSTERICAL you'll laugh your ASS off wait till the and make sure you pay LOTS of attention the whole time.. cause.. it definently a "go veg" type campaign.. no way.. not at all.. *cough*

(thanks gabe!)
that weezer song.
22 September 2003 @ 10:10 pm

title or description

damn stef and i are the coolest.

mmmaatt isn't it the shit?!

jamie the future rich: 'i hope the real justin timberlake emails me and offers me money to take that off my livejournal..
jamie the future rich: i'd be so happy
stef the future also rich: LOL
stef the future also rich: i know like he did with all those other people
jamie the future rich: yeah for real. me and that girl with the site i found it on are the only two he hasn't gotten to
stef the future also rich: now ill add it to mine and we'll pollute the system!
stef the future also rich: ill get money tooo!
stef the future also rich: thank jj!
jamie the future rich: YES!! HAHAHAHAHAH
jamie the future rich: you're welcome.
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